Our Company Story!

In Early 2005, I was offered an opportunity I felt was too good to be true! A very good friend and successful businessman that I had worked with and had helped him grow his business, when when we were both much younger, had generously offered me the opportunity to purchase his successful restaurant in Hubbard Ohio! Having lived most of my life and raising my children in nearby Pennsylvania, it didn't take a lot of thought! He offered me a financial payment plan, which made it possible to make it happen. On August 1st, 2005 I officially took over. I had two teenage children who were going to work right beside me through it all. From day one, we have made customer service our priority. We love meeting new people, we work on making everyone comfortable when they visit and we strive to serve a great meal at a reasonable cost. Over the years, we have made numerous friends through the restaurant who we consider family. We have watched customers children grow from newborns to middle school, as well as customers watch my children grow from teens to college students. Our success is due to the loyal, long term staff that we have. Our 2 full time cooks carry over 20 combined years experience with C's Waffles and our Servers have a minimum of 4 years service with us. My management team consists of my son (Kenny) and my daughter (Melanie). We truly are the definition of a family owned and run business! Which is great, as we have an owner in the store every minute we are open!