Attentive Staff!

C's has a wonderful staff of waitresses and cooks that want to make sure your order is just the way you like it!  They make sure your cups stay full and are quick to fix any orders that are not right to the customers liking!

C's staff works really hard to make sure that customers leave with a good experience!  It is a great place to bring the whole family!  The waitresses have trained to be ready for customers of all age ranges and try to accomadate the different needs of the customers that come in!

Many have years of experience, and it is their dedication that has made C's Waffles Family Resturant in Hubbard such a fun place to dine!  The attentive staff is also why C's is celebrating being in business for 10 years!  Loyal customers know that they can come in and get some of their favorite food, and careful care will be made to make sure people leave with a full belly and a happy experience!